Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Day 495 - Here we go again!

Hejsan hejsan! 

Wow I am pretty sure it was just yesterday that I emailed home! Time is moving fast.. I am also pretty sure that in the past few emails I've referenced time moving super fast haha. It's true though. I can't believe it. I am so lucky to be out here representing the Savior and to be a tool in his hands to bring others unto the gospel. As time goes by, I am gradually realizing how big of a blessing this opportunity really is. I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior and I love this work!

This week went by super fast but it was full of miracles and blessings! Something I have learned over the past few weeks is that we don't always see the results of our efforts immediately. But as we go out and give the Lord everything we've got, we will feel the satisfaction and joy that comes with knowing the Lord is pleased with you. And the blessings will come. I really do find so much joy going out every day and talking to people all day long. Each one of them is a child of God, my brother or sister. And something I have been trying to do recently is seeing each and every person through Heavenly Father's eyes. I have been really trying to genuinely care about each person I talk to and it makes all the difference. There is a whole different spirit in the conversation when the person I'm talking to can feel my love for them. The contact then changes from a number or a rote recitation, to a genuine conversation and everything that comes out of my mouth is sincere because I want this person to listen and try our message and come unto Christ with all my heart. It has really made all the difference and it is something I think can help us in our daily lives as well. Trying to see everyone, whether we like them or not, through God's eyes. I promise that if you do, you will notice a change and develop a love for that person.

Tuesday was a solid day and we were able to call a million people to set up appointments for this coming week. It was pretty boring but we did it in the car while it was raining which made it worth it (rain hitting the car while I'm sitting inside is like one of my favorite sounds ever). Anyways, we got some appointments set up for this week which should be good! Later that day, we were able to meet with Tistou. I don't think I have ever taken a picture with him! I should probably do that haha. He is a stud! He has super long hair and a huge beard. He is a funny guy. He is just always thinking and pondering. We think he goes way too deep. We are trying to help him build his relationship with God. He doesn't feel like he knows who God is and what we wants him to do. So we are working on that with him. He is a super good guy. After that, we went to Niels and Zezka's and helped them pack up their stuff for Ireland! Niels left the next day and Zezka will be leaving in a few weeks! They will love it there! It will be super good for both of them. 

Wednesday and Thursday were a blast! Wednesday morning we hopped on a train to head down to the magical land of Sundsvall! We went on splits down there with Elders Weaver and Lohmeier, both just huge studs! When we got there, Elder Lohmeier and I headed out to a members house to cut down some trees and dig up a fence. Basically a bunch of farm work. We were working in the yard of an old house that they are going to rent out to people in the near future. I was super pumped to finally unleash my inner lumberjack and cut down some trees in Northern Sweden with an axe! But when we got there, I saw that the member had a chainsaw plugged in and I became pretty dissapointed.. We had four trees to cut down so I climbed up the first one and tied some guide ropes to the tree to help it fall where we wanted it to. And then we cut it down and everything went smoothly. Then, when we started on the next tree, the members chainsaw broke! He then went into his shed and grabbed an ax. What a tender mercy! (That I was going to be able to use an ax, not that his chainsaw broke) Haha anyways, he let Elder Lohmeier and I just hack away at the trees and it was honestly a dream come true! We were able to cut down all the trees (they weren't super big at all) and dig up most of the fence. It was hard work! The member was very grateful that we were able to come by and help out. After that we came home and changed and had a pleasant evening tracting!

On Thursday on our way to district meeting in Sundsvall, I had a really touching experience. Since I have been in Umeå, I have had a car. It is a blessing and a curse because a car eliminates my favorite method of contacting which is contacting people on public transportation. The best is buses and trains because the people are stuck and they can't go anywhere ;) anyways, the fact that we would be riding the bus in Sundsvall got me really excited to talk to people on the way to places. So on the way to the church, we got on the bus and I sat down next to a lady who wasn't interested at all and she got off within a few min. Then I was sitting by myself waiting for someone to come sit down by me at the next stop. The next stop was the hospital. There were a bunch of people waiting to get on. Surely enough, and older lady sat down next to me at the next stop. I noticed after a few moments that she was staring at my name-tag and so I told her that I was a missionary for my church. We started talking a lot about what we do as missionaries and a little bit about the church. Then she asked me out of the blue if I really believed what I said I believed in. I told her that I do without a doubt. She said that that must be nice. She then preceded to ask me what I thought would happen after death. I then realized that she probably just went through something really hard coming from the hospital. Plus swedes don't usually just ask that out of the blue unless they are super interested. I began to teach her the second half of the Plan of Salvation and I felt the spirit so strong as she listened intently to what I was saying. I told her how it was hard for me to believe that God would only want to save a few of us and the rest are unhappy forever in an endless damnation. I just don't see a god that would want that. I told her that her that God loves us so much and that there is a reason that the plan is called the Plan of Happiness. Anyways, she really liked the plan and asked lots of questions. Then she told me how she liked the idea. Then she started to tear up and she couldn't get any words out. She finally was able to say that she hopes those who have passed away are happy on the other side. I was super touched and I realized that she had most likely lost someone close to her. I assured her that those on the other side are okay and happy. I asked her if she had lost someone close to her. She said she had lost her daughter. I was crushed. I told her that she would see her daughter again. She asked me if I really believed that. I told her I knew it with all my heart. It really comforted her. I taught her the rest of the plan and how the whole purpose is to live with God and our families forever and that through Jesus Christ, we will all be resurrected and be able to live again. When we got off the bus. She grabbed my arm and looked at me with tears in her eyes and said thank you for the words and for comforting her. I was so grateful to be the one to be able to be a means of comfort to this woman and let her know that she really would she her daughter again. The spirit was so strong and this lady came one step closer to Jesus Christ that day. She said she knew where the church was and that she would maybe come by. I am so grateful for the plan of salvation and for Jesus Christ who makes it all possible.

Speaking of the Plan of Salvation, we were able to attend the funeral for Matheo this week. I don't have a lot of time to write about it because I have to go right now but it was such a spiritual experience! I also had the opportunity to speak at the funeral in the cemetery to a bunch of priests and nonmembers and it was soooo sick! I felt like Abinadi!!! :) 

Anyways, gotta jet!!!! Love you all!!!!!!! Have a good week!!!!!! 

"The will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect
you." Ponder it.


Äldste Bailey


  1. Wow! I loved this weeks blog letter! I love when you teach about teaching! I think it's great to try to see all around us through the eyes of Heavenly Father. I will definitely do that more. I really like the way you see opportunities to teach everywhere. You're a great missionary. And I looked at the pictures and I got stuck on the one with you holding the axe, you have gotten buff since you were here, what happened? Keep up the good work.
    Love you, Pia

  2. Great post! I especially like the part about the 'inner lumberjack'! Ha ha! And what a wonderful tender mercy for the lady on the bus to hear what she needed most from one who is prepared to comfort / teach as the Lord is working through you...Love you, Grandma <3