Monday, September 19, 2016

Day 621 - A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day


Hope everyone is doing well! Things are going awesome here in Sweden! We are working really hard and doing our best to find, teach, and baptize. I love it here so much and I love being a missionary. I feel that the longer I have been out on my mission, the more my testimony has been tried. But it has also grown that much more. I feel like I am so bold on the streets now and it is so cool to think about how I am now compared to when I first came into the mission. I have grown so much and the Lord really has turned me into a more effective messenger of the truth. 

To be honest, not too much has happened in the past week. On Monday, we went to this castle on this island in Stockholm and it was awesome! That's what most of the pics are this week haha.

This week we went on splits with Jakobsberg and the other Gubbängen elders. I went with Elder Hatch and we had a blast! We basically contacted the whole day. It was a good time. He is a great missionary!!

I also finally got to go on splits with the legendary Finnish Elder Murtonen. It was a jolly good time and he is such a stud! He is an incredible missionary with only good intentions. I had a good time with him and we worked hard. I learned a lot from him! Love you man!

This experience was a really small miracle that might not sound too crazy haha but for me it was a testimony building experience.Yesterday Elder Weaver and I were sitting at a train station waiting for a train that left in 40ish minutes and we hadn't done weekly planning yet so we started calling people and planning for the week. About 15 min into our small weekly planning session, the phone suddenly died. It was at 40% or something. We were pretty bummed and mad that it died with so much battery left. I tried turning it back on but it didn't work. I tried warming it up for awhile since it was kind of chilly but that still didn't work. We weren't sure what to do. We were in the middle of nowhere and we wanted to be effective and we really needed to call people. So in kind of a joking tone, I turned to Elder Weaver and asked him if he had faith for the phone to turn back on. He said yeah. And then the thought just hit me. Why not? God can do anything right? Why couldn't he turn on a small iphone for two missionaries in the middle of Sweden? Also the scripture came to my mind: "And whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, which is right, believing that ye shall receive, behold it shall be given unto you." So for a short moment, I held the phone in my hands and asked God in the name of Jesus Christ to turn the phone back on. As soon as I said amen, I knew I had to have a full expectation that it would turn on. So I did. And when I held down the power button, the little apple symbol popped up and the phone turned back on. We were able to finish calling the people we needed to. This small miracle my not seem very amazing to others, but it was a huge testimony building experience for me. That Heavenly Father is aware of his children, and whatever we ask for in the name of Christ, which is right, believing that we will receive, we will receive. The day of miracles is not over. And though sometimes small, God continues to work miracles in the lives of his children. We need to look for them and we must have faith.

Yesterday in Priesthood, our teacher was a guy from Ghana whose name is Divine. We all just call him Brother Divine. Anyways, as he was teaching, he made a comment that I really liked. He was asking a lot of questions as he was teaching, and told us that he is learning from us as well. He said how he doesn't want to "go home with his bag empty". I thought for a second about groceries. When you go to the grocery store, you don't want to leave the store with your grocery bags empty, right? Same with church. When we go to church each week, we need to make sure that we don't leave with empty bags. Take something home with you that you can actually apply and do!

Anyways, that's all I got for this week! I love you all!! have the best week ever!

Fight the good fight and keep the faith!

äldste Bailey


  1. I love reading his letters! What a great missionary and person in general. I know you are probably counting down the days until he gets home, but I will miss his weekly letters! Thanks for sharing them.

  2. So funny that we both had nearly the same experience. My charger died so I couldn't charge my phone and the battery was dying. Before I went to bed I turned it off and I said a prayer and asked God to make my phone work for the morning after, so I could contact all I needed. And the morning after when I woke up I started the phone. And it was fully charged. I made the calls and went in to Katrineholm and I bought a new charger.
    I believe God does answer our prayers when we really need his help. And if we're patient with his answer. That's something I've learned. To always be patient and trust that e knows what's best for us.