Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Day 29


Hur mår ni?

This week went great! It was probably the most uneventful week as a whole, which could be because I'm super ready to get out of the MTC and get to Sweden! We are supposed to receive our travel plans on Friday! We are all so excited! But also, in a way I don't feel ready to go at all because even though I can teach lessons and have small conversation in Swedish, I don't feel like I know enough to have normal conversations about the weather or sports or something haha. But I guess I still have 2 weeks which is good because that is what I'm gonna focus on, the everyday vocabulary and stuff.

So Thursday we taught another TRC lesson. Meaning that we teach real live members. Not role playing or anything. It went really well this week. We taught on how the Book of Mormon is important and how we can receive revelation though it. We taught two lessons. We taught both to two different guys that had just gotten back from Sweden. I was surprised how much I could say and understand. It was awesome. 

Sunday was fast Sunday. I was able to bear my testimony in Swedish in sacrament meeting which was an awesome experience. I felt the Spirit so strong. I was also able to listen to all the other missionaries in our branch bear theirs in all the other languages like Danish, Norwegian, and Dutch. It was awesome. 

So yesterday we taught one of our "investigators", Nilla, and at the end of the lesson we extended the invitation to be baptized and she said YES!!! It was honestly the coolest feeling in the WHOLE world I was so happy and I couldn't stop smiling. Even though it technically isn't real, It was still soooo cool becuase we had been teaching her for a while now and she finally committed to baptism and I can't even explain how strong the spirit was and how happy we were and she was. It was awesome. 

Tomorrow we get to skype people in Sweden and teach them a lesson!! I am super excited and scared for that. But it will be a good experience. 

Something funny that happened is that we had a giant nerf gun war on our floor of our residence hall. It was soooo fun. Hahaha everyone had a nerf gun and we were running around shooting eachother and there were even some super soakers involved. hahaha you would be surprised to see what kinds of things are in the MTC dorms. We have collected a blow up christmas snowman, a bongo drum, a stuffed grinch, and so many other things. 

Anyways, I'm sorry this letter is so short. Not much happened this week but the spirit is still strong as ever! Thank you for all the prayers and letters. Keep writing me and sending me emails! I love hearing from everyone!

I love you all!! 

Äldste Bailey

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