Monday, April 20, 2015

Day 104

Hej Hej! 

I hit triple digits! My mission is going by so fast. This week was good! It was a pretty routine week. Not as eventful as last week. I am still loving my mission and growing so much! 

We did a lot of service this week. On Tuesday a member named Magnus had us and the Zone Leaders come over and help clean up his yard and house because he is moving. We were happy to help. It got pretty rainy though and we were all working outside trimming trees and scrubbing paint off the concrete from when we painted his house last week. We all got soaked. We also trimmed his bushes and raked them out. And I dont know which of us got the great idea to try to burn all the twigs and sticks and leaves, but we tried to in the pouring rain. Surprisingly, we got the fire started and were able to burn about half of the twigs and leaves. But it pretty much burned into pure smoke so we all smelled like smoke the rest of the day. We also have had the senior couple missionaries come to our apartment a lot this week and we have done a lot of work on that. 

I think I told you all a little about the guy named Reza last week. He is probably the most perfect investigator you could ever find! A little about him: He is super cool and funny and way nice. He is from Afghanistan. He has a crazy story. He was in the special forces in Afghanistan and was also a body guard to the president. The Taliban came to him told him that if he didnt kill the president, then they would kill him. So he took his family and fled Afghanistan. He just recently converted to Christianity. The rest of his family is Muslim. He has a wife and 3 kids. We found him through his friend, Fardin. Fardin had already taught him the basics of the Restoration. We met him on Wednesday and he had already read some in the Book of Mormon! He said he already knows this church is true and wants to be baptized and get the Holy Ghost! I dont know if Ive ever met anyone who was so excited as Reza is. We set up a date with him and all the lessons we need to teach him before he can be baptized. He has it counted down to the day haha. He will be baptized on May 9. He wants Fardin to baptize him which will be really good for Fardin! We met with him again on Friday and he had already read the first 27 chapers of the Book of Mormon! He also told us he has quit smoking by himself. He said he has smoked for 15 years but he just stopped because he knew it was wrong. 

Something cool also happened while we were teaching Reza. We were the only ones in the church while we were teaching him and then there was a knock on the door of the room we were teaching Reza. We thought that was a little weird. We opened the door and it was 2 teenage boys. Elder Brinkworth thought that they were here for a school project because we get a lot of students who do religion reports I guess. But they asked if the church was open and we said yeah and one of the boys said, "Jag vill döpa mej". Which means, I want to be baptized. They said they wanted to come closer to God. We were in shock and so I went back in and kept teaching Reza while Elder Brinkworth showed them around the church and gave them copies of the Book of Mormon. We got their numbers but sadly our phone broke so we havent had contact with anyone at all in a couple days, which makes it kinda hard to set up appointments and stuff. But we have an appointment with the Apple store tomorrow. So we can call them tomorrow and hopefully set something up with them. It was a really cool experience. It is amazing to see how the Lord guides people to where they are supposed to be. Because those boys couldve walked into any other church in Malmö. 

I also got to go to the Denmark temple again on Saturday. We went with the Young men and Young women and with a recent Convert named Donald. We just did baptisms. It was a really cool experience. I havent done them in a while. It was an awesome experience to go with Donald and see his reaction and feelings at his first time at the temple. I am grateful I also got to go to with the youth. They werent all there, but they all have such strong testimonies! I am happy I get to work with them. 

Well, I am about out of time. I hope you all have an amazing week! I love you all! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers!!

Äldste Bailey

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  1. oh, its so nice to read about your adventures. Let me guess the crazy idea of starting a fire in rain was yours????Haha.