Monday, April 13, 2015

Day 97

Hello everyone!!

What an amazing week!!! I don't know where to start. I am doing so well and I absolutely love being a missionary. 

First off, BILL WAS BAPTIZED!! It was such an amazing experience!! He was so nervous before the baptism and kept wanting to practice how it was going to happen. It was really funny. He was so ready and so excited. I was nervous myself. But it was really one of the most amazing and spiritual experiences Ive ever had. I was so happy. I cant remember many other times in my life when I was as happy as I was seeing the happiness and light in his eyes and the smile on his face as he came out of the water. He was so happy and the first thing he did as he came out of the water was laugh and clap and jump up and down and then he hugged me. I couldnt stop smiling either. And when he hugged me, I realized why I am here. At that moment, all the pains and trials and challenges Ive gone through so far were worth it. I didnt care about all the doors being shut in my face or the people that have sworn at me or didnt want to listen. That moment was worth all of it. I dont know if I have ever felt the spirit that strong. He kept telling me how light he felt. He told me as we were getting out of the font that he felt like he could fly:) Then as we were changing he kept saying, "Im a new Bill!" Neither one of us could stop smiling. He never stopped saying how clean he felt. There was a good turnout at the baptism too. One of the Sisters investigators was able to come and now he wants to be baptized too. Bill is such an amazing guy! Thank you all for all your prayers for him. They helped more than you know. He thought he was going to have a really hard time giving up coffee because he drank it like 4 times a day but he said as he prayed he had a new strength to stay away from it. 

On Friday I was able to go to the Denmark temple. It was so awesome! I had been missing the temple so much and it felt so good to go again. Even though it isnt the prettiest on the outside, the inside is SO pretty! They also have a KFC in Denmark:) Also, we were able to go to the Cathedral with the original Kristus. That was also super cool. We had a great day in Copenhagen. 

Sunday was awesome!! Bill received the Holy Ghost. It was also testimony meeting. So after Bill got the Holy Ghost and was sustained into the ward, the testimonies started. A few people bore their testimonies and then another African guy in the ward named Favour went up and bore his testimony and how he knows the Book of Mormon is true and how he was found by the missionaries and a little about his baptism. And then Bill got up and bore his testimony!!! It was one of the most heartfelt testimonies ever! I was really surprised he did it because he isnt the most outgoing guy there is, but he still did. He said how the missionaries found him in Africa 15 years ago and he told them he didnt need what they had to say and they told him that one day he would be baptized. He said whatever. But he said how now he knows they were right. He then thanked us from the stand for saving his life. I will never forget those words. They really touched me. Again I was just filled with happiness as Bill stood up there smiling and telling everyone how happy and clean he felt. I again realized why I am here. Then after Bill, his girlfriend, Dorkas, bore her testimony! She was less active before we started working with Bill. Bills baptism was so good for her. But her testimony was amazing! It was such a good meeting!
Also, Fardin brought one of his best friends to church on sunday. He is super interested in the Church and really wants to meet with us! I can already tell from meeting him that he is going to be baptized. We meet with him this Wednesday. His name is Reza. He is from Afghanistan I think. I am excited to start working with him! 

We werent able to meet with a lot of people this week because so many people are out of town. We did a lot of finding this week. As hard as it can get, I love doing it. I love to meet all the different kinds of people in Malmö and hear their stories. I have learned that the key is to just try to be happy! I love being a missionary and I love finding the adventure in every day. Also the people here are what make me so happy and keep me going. I know there are people Im supposed to find here. I get out of bed every day hoping that just one person will listen to our message. I have learned so much and grown so much since I have been on my mission. Thank you all for all you do for me. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers. I love you all. I know there are some of you I didnt get back to this week and I promise I will get back to you next week. I didnt have that much time. Anyways, I hope you all have a great week! 

Äldste Bailey

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  1. Wow, what an amazing week. i went so happy for you my tears run down my face. haha. So cool to do baptism and go to the temple same week. Im so proud of you.