Monday, May 4, 2015

Day 118

Hello everyone!

I don't have a super long time to write today, but I also don't have a ton to say. So sorry if this isnt super long. But I had a really good week! 

On Monday, we had a "Movie Night" at the church as missionaries and we invited invited as many investigators as we could. We only had Reza and Majeed (its actually spelled like this by the way haha) show up. And the Zone Leaders had 1 investigator named Sara show up. We also had 2 members there. But that's okay because we showed The Testaments. In case you haven't seen it, it's about Christ's visit to the Nephites in the Americas. It was really good for all 3 of them and they had a lot of their questions answered about the Book of Mormon. It was also really good for me too. Watching the Savior preform the Atonement and being Crucified made my love for him increase so much. I have a new love for my Savior I never thought I could have. He loves us so much that he suffered for all of our pains, trials, and sins. He also died for us. And he did not do one thing wrong in his life. To me, that is the ultimate example of love. 

Like I said last week, Thursday was Valborg. It was super fun and a lot of people showed up! We lit the fire and we grilled food and sang songs to welcome spring. I guess the tradition of burning a giant fire is burning the winter witches or something haha. It was really fun though! Then we played a game called bränbol I think. Its kinda like baseball but it was really fun! It was a really good experience and a lot of investigators showed up. 

Friday, we had lots of food appointments. I dont know how they all ended up on the same day, but we went to our ward mission leaders house Brother Saffer, and his family made us breakfast. Then we had Correlation meeting there. Then, we went to Björn and Christians and they made us brunch. We taught them a lesson and it went really well. Then we went to visit Elizabeths, she is a member that has us over every week and serves us tea. She calls us probably every day and calls us if we are even 1 minute late haha she is funny. It is always good to visit her. Then we had sports night and it went really well!

Saturday was a super awesome day because Reza and Majeed had their baptismal interviews. They were super super nervous beforehand. It was really funny. Then Reza went in first and we taught Majeed and he doesnt have the best english or swedish, but he told us how he knelt down and asked God to know if this is what he was supposed to do and if this church was true and he said he got an answer and he felt the Holy Ghost tell him in his heart that it was true!!! That made me so happy! That is what makes missionary work worth it right there. Then Reza came out and just hugged me and he was super happy! Then when Majeed went in and the District Leader left, he just let out a scream of excitement! It was so awesome! Then he said "I cant explain the happiness in my heart right now". It was so aweomse and it made me so happy! Then Majeed came out and he hugged us too and was really really happy!! I was so happy that day and am looking forward to their baptisms this Saturday. I am trying to get them to be baptized in the Ocean, but they keep saying its too cold hahaha. 

With Mothers Day coming up this week, I want to let everyone know how great of a mom I have. She is so amazing. Because of her I am the man I am today. She loves me so much and is the greatest example to me and the best mother I could ever ask for. She is one of my best friends and I love every second I am privileged to spend with her. She is so strong in the Gospel and luckily has raised me to be strong as well. She has always been there for me no matter what, through thick and thin. Thank you mom for raising me the way you did!! I love you and miss you soooo much! I hope you have an amazing day this Sunday! 

I hope you all have an amazing week and I wish all the other mothers out there a happy Mothers Day. Thank you again for all the thoughts and prayers! I love you all!

Sorry this wasnt the longest email. But I hope you all have an amazing week! 

Your friendly neighborhood missionary,

Äldste Bailey

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  1. Nice fire. I love Valborg, although our fire in Vingåker is like the smallest one in entire Sweden(world)