Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 195

Tjena Tjena Allihopa! 

I hope everyone had a good week. This week was another long and tough week. A mission is really hard. But it is also very rewarding. I would not want to be anywhere else right now. My mission has changed my life for the better and I have experienced a kind of happiness that I would have never felt before if I didn't choose to serve. I have come to know and love my Savior better than ever before. 

We didn't do so much teaching of investigators this week. We were able to work with a few new converts and members though. This email might be a little short. There isn't too much to report this week. 

On Monday I was taught a lesson from Kenneth, one of our investigators. We were at the library about to email, and I was super excited to get on and talk to my friends and family. However, there was a lady sitting in the computer I had booked. I told her that I had booked that computer and she said "oh sorry!" and moved to a different one. So I began emailing. Then a few minutes later, Kenneth came into the library. He sat down by us and started talking to us. Then he started talking to this lady. He then started talking about church and invited her to a Gospel Principles class we have on Wednesdays. She was very interested in the church and said he would come! It was an eye opener to me that I was just so focused on getting to my computer to email that I didn't hear the spirit whisper to me to talk to Maria. I need to share the gospel with everyone I talk to wherever I go. So I don't miss the oppertunity of helping someone find the Restored Gospel. Maria ended up coming to Gospel Principles, and brought a friend. She also came to church yesterday! We taught her the restoration and she took a book of mormon and said she would read it! I am thankful that Kenneth set an example for me of how I should be with everyone I meet. 

On Wednesday, I probably had the worst/funniest lesson of my mission. It was Gospel Principles class. We had three investigators there and two new converts. Two of the investigators who came thought that they were showing up for an english class. So they were caught a little off guard. The lesson started off really, really well. We talked about Heavenly Father and who he is and our relationship to him. But before we know it, one of the investigators asks about thunder. So, Kenneth starts to explain how thunder works and then one of the other investigators there is Spanish so she doesnt really understand. Another investigator pulls out her phone to translate so everyone is arguing about how thunder happens and what it is called in Spanish. And this spanish lady is like freaking out because she doesnt know what anyone is talking about. And then Kenneth goes up to the white board and starts to draw thunder and lighting and explains to everyone how it is made. And then he draws a little person on the cloud and then the spanish lady comes up to the front too and they both are just laughing and drawing on the board. Then the spanish lady draws giant hands on the little person with super long arms and she is just laughing. Then everyone starts to talk about typhoons. Kenneth and the spanish lady start drawing typhoons and boats in them and just kept laughing, hahaha. This went on for a while before we got the lesson back on track again. It was really funny. Just one of the worst lessons I have been in. I probably wont ever forget it though, haha. 

On friday, We had another Zone Training. It was really good. We were taught about the Book of Mormon again. We were taught about how we should have a firm conviction and testimony in the Book of Mormon and that is what should drive us each day to share the gospel. Our mission president presented us with a challenge that I would like you all to try to do with me as well! We talked about what it really means to "feast upon the words of Christ". We were issued the challenge to read either 2 Nepthi chapter 9 or Enos every day for 30 days. It was promised to us that we would come to know what it really meant to feast on the words of Christ. So I am doing it right now and I really have begun to have a desire to read in the scriptures and really ponder what I am reading. Because you are reading the same thing every day, you start to learn and notice things you never did before. It is amazing! 

So when I was younger, I used to wonder how returned missionaries could give talks and teach lessons so well with little or no preporation. After almost a month in Katrineholm, I have begun to understand why. We have taught gospel principles every week and we have given a handful of talks. It is so amazing to be able to follow the spirit as you speak. I love speaking in church. All these talks and lessons I have given have really helped me become a better speaker and teacher. 

I dont have much time left. Curse these timed computers. I just want everyone to know that I am doing well and am loving my mission! I know this gospel is true! Have an amazing week and know that you are all in my prayers!

I love you all!

Äldste Bailey


  1. Haha i remember the birthday celebration. I made a chocolate pie. it was so good. But you blow out the candles so hard there was wax on top of the cake. haha

  2. And the lesson was really fun, haha