Monday, March 21, 2016

Day 439

Hallå Hallå!

Först och främst Elder Hemmingsen wants to send a S/O to Bill Shelley Ben Austin Erin and Jack! So if you are reading this and your name is on there! Congrats!

How was the week my friends? It was a long, hard-working week for Elder Luke and I here in Umeå! I absolutely love being a missionary! You all know that but honestly it's true. It is such a blessing and I have learned and grown so much. If you have the opportunity to serve a mission, DO IT! You won't regret it.

So this week was a lot of WORK. There is not too much to report on which is good because we actually have to take a plane soon to go down to Stockholm. Sorry if this email isn't very long. I promise it will be super good next week! Not that many exciting things happened this week anyways.. Well, besides going out and working every single day and talking to everyone possible and bearing testimony of the gospel with everything I have, yeah, nothing that exciting happened.

So on Tuesday, Elder Luke and I had a pretty free day. We were out almost the whole day contacting people. We ditched the car for the day and just walked. It felt good to be on my feet the whole day. We found some awesome people and gave away a bunch of copies of the Book of Mormon. We actually taught this guy on the street named Adam. He is a swede and he is about 25ish years old. It was so cool cause we were so surprised when we told us that he was christian. Most 25 year old swedes are atheist or agnostic. Anyways, we showed him the Easter video right there on the street and he loved it! We started talking about bearing testimony about Christ and the hope we can receive through him. We started talking a little bit about the church and we asked him how much he knew about the church and basically all he knew was a few anti-mormon points and some misunderstood rumors about the church. So we cleared up the misunderstandings and addressed the anti points as well as we could. But most importantly, we taught him about the Book of Mormon and about the Restoration and why it is so key in everything we believe. We bore strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and of the gospel and the spirit was so strong. It was so cool to see his attitude change as we talked and as the spirit softened his heart. He honestly didn't know really anything at all about the church at first, but after learning a little bit about it and letting the spirit work within him, he gladly accepted a Book of Mormon and said he would love to meet up again. It was so cool because he said he had the Bible and that was all that he needed. But we challenged him to just test the Book of Mormon. To see if it isn't more of God's word. Why not try right? We promised him that the honest seeker of truth really will receive a convincing answer that the Book of Mormon is true. It was an awesome experience!

Wednesday, we were on splits with the Assistants, Elders Hemmingsen and Archibald. Wow, these guys are amazing missionaries and even better people!! I consider these guys some of my closest friends and it felt so good to do missionary work with them. I was with Elder Archibald and we basically contacted the whole day. It was so cool to work with Elder Archibald. I had never actually been on splits with him before so it was super awesome to watch and learn from him. He is such a stud!!! We also gave a blessing to a member in the ward at the church. Her name is Erica and she is like the coolest member ever and helps us out all the time with our lessons! She just got back from a mission in Russia for like a year ago. She is a spiritual powerhouse! She is going through a lot right now and asked us for a blessing. It was such a strong spiritual experience. The power of the priesthood is real and so powerful! It was so amazing to receive the words and inspiration that she needed to hear that I know didn't come from me. The spirit was present and I am grateful that Heavenly Father trusts me with His power.

Thursday and Friday, we were in Sundsvall ( a town about 3 hours south of Umeå ) on splits with Elder George and Elder Lohmeier. It was a fun time and we worked hard! Those guys are studs!!

Anyways, I got to go like right now. We have to catch a plan to stockholm! We are going down there for a zone conference tomorrow! It will be a lot of fun to see other missionaries and to be spiritually fed!

I love you all so much! Remember that the church is true and that's all that matters! 

Have a great week my friends! Know that I love you and that you're in my prayers.

Godspeed. Mosiah 20:11

äldste Bailey

ps next week's email will be 20x better i promise! :)

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