Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Day 565

Ahoy fellow brothers and sisters!

Hope everyone is doing well! Sorry I didn't send out a letter last week. I'm the worst. It's a whole different game here in Stockholm. Everything is happening so fast and we are working really hard and it just seems like we are running everywhere and I never have that much time. So naturally, I don't have too much time today either. 

Elder Liddle and are working really hard and we are definitely seeing the blessings that come from our work. We are both really physically drained hahaha but we are going strong and working harder than ever! I Absolutely love Stockholm and the people here. We are teaching quite a few people and the work is moving forward!

I want to talk just a little bit about our investigator Daniel. We have taught him just about everything now and he is so ready for baptism! So he is 23 and from Ghana. He lives with his friend Naasi who is also the biggest bro ever and just a stud. Naasi is a professional soccer player and played for Chelsea's youth team and then played of a professional team here in Stockholm. He is super cool and just a super strong member. He has a super strong testimony. It is just super cool cause he grew up in compton and is super good at rapping and then he is one of the strongest members ever. Anyways, he referred his friend Daniel who is also the biggest stud ever! Daniel was at Naasi's baptism last may and he has the strongest desire to be baptized! It has been such a blessing to teach him. It is so different teaching someone who is so willing to learn and act as opposed to someone who isn't. He has gladly accepted the message and has lived the commandments. And these two guys have become two of my closest friends in a super short amount of time. Daniel is going to be baptized this coming Saturday and he is so excited!  They were both in church yesterday and it was so much fun and they loved it. There were good talks and the spriit was strong. It's also just fun messin around with those guys. Daniel got interviewed on saturday and passed! Hahaha it was really funny cause he was super nervous for the interview but he did super well. Anyways he is just golden and will be baptized this Saturday!

I also got to go on splits with my former beloved companion Elder Blackburn! It was so much fun! It was so cool to see how much he has grown. He is an amazing missionary and it was cool to learn from him. We worked super hard and taught some good lessons! We taught a lesson to a new investigator who is also named Daniel. He is from Iraq and has the craziest story ever. We met him about a week ago at a train station when I made eye contact with him and felt something special in him. I taught him there and on the train and he took a Book of Mormon and wanted to be a member. Elder Blackburn and I taught him on Wednesday and it was such a good lesson! Daniel accepted a baptismal date and loved the message. We also got to hear his story and it was so crazy. He is born Christian which made it hard for him in Iraq. He had been kidnapped several times and tortured in horrible ways. Anyways, he has always stood fast in his beliefs in Christ and it was so cool to hear. We also knelt down together in prayer at the end of the lesson and he said the prayer in Arabic and he told us he asked God if it was true and that he was going to go home and read the book. It was super cool! We are excited to teach him!

Well I have to bounce! Continue to fight the good fight everyone! I love you all! Remember that the church is true! And thanks for all the birthday wishes last week! You are all the best!! :)


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  1. Wow! I just love how you seem to have a better time on you're mission or every week that passes. It's good to see you're going strong. Love, Pia