Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Day 573


Hello everybody!!! I guess I basically just said hello when I said "greetings" haha but whatever. I hope everyone is doing well! I want everyone to know that I am doing great and absolutely loving my mission! I also want everyone to know that I am sorry for all my low quality emails the past monthish. I just have had no time. And alas, I have but little time again this week. I am so sorry haha. Today was pretty crazy. And the reason I am emailing on Tuesday is that we had a multizone volleyball tournament yesterday! Elder Liddle and I actually put it together and it was awesome! I even stole the giant trophy from the church to give to the winning team. (for pictures and the satisfaction of winning only. It had to go back afterwords haha) We also put together a huge tournament and bracket and everything. I even bought a whistle the other day ;) Anyways I am wasting precious time writing about this but our team lost in the championship and I was sooo mad. Hahaha all the missionaries got to see my competitive side ;) 

This week was awesome! Daniel got..... BAPTIZED!! It was such a good day! He was so excited and was so happy! He almost baptized himself when he got in the water haha and Niko (guy who baptized him) was like woah man not yet haha. He was just so excited and the spirit was so strong! He is going to be an amazing member! 

I was also able to reunite with Elder Blackburn again and go to the temple with CAROLINE!! :) it was sooo much fun and the spirit was so strong in the temple. 

Well I have to bounce, I am so sorry guys that this is so short! I am doing well and working hard!! I love you all! Remember that the church is true!!

PS Elder Murtonen is a stud and this S/O goes to him! He is one of my mission heroes and I hope I can be like him one day!


Äldste Bailey

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  1. I'm so happy for Caroline! I've been wondering about how she's doing. So happy she went to the temple and that you guys were able to go with her. Haha! I think it's good the missionaries got to see your competitive side. Elder Roylance got to see mine last week. It was super bad. But I won so I guess it worked. Volleyball is so much fun tho. Take care and have a great week. Love, Pia