Monday, October 3, 2016

Day 635 - Taking Västerås by Storm

Well my friends, I have arrived safe and sound to my new area of Västerås! It is such a beautiful city and I love it here! I have arrived with my green package from Provo who is also the studliest of all studs! His name is Elder Harrell and he is the coolest guy ever! He is from Southern California and is a major surfer! He is basically pro. Anyways, he is so passionate about missionary work and already giving his all to the work and to the Lord! He is a super hard worker so he is the perfect comp for me! He is super funny and we get along really well! He cares about missionary work and went on splits a lot back home so he has some experience points already ;) We have come to this city to take it by storm through the power of the Lord ;) We are honestly ready to work our hearts out and see and experience the fruits and miracles that are going to be wrought in this city. 

We have spend the week finding new people to teach! We have met a lot of cool and prepared people! 

I unexpectedly ran out of time!! I'm sorry!! Have the best week everyone!! I am doing great and I love you all! The church is true!

äldste Bailey

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  1. Congratulations again dad!!!! Second child, WOW! Hope he doesn't run off...jk
    I think he got a great teacher. You'll do an awesome work with him in Västerås. Send surfer to katrineholm after you're done with him. Haha! Take care and have fun. Love, Pia