Monday, March 16, 2015

Day 69

Tjene Syskon! 

This week was so awesome! By far the best week since I have been here. I had a lot of fun and I had a lot of awesome experiences. We taught a lot of investigators this week and a lot more people listened to us! 

Monday: We were planning on going to a old chocolate factory museum. But when we got there, we saw that it was pretty expensive so we didnt go. We just ended up walking around the city which was pretty fun. Then that evening, we went to a dinner and family home evening with Per Larsson and his kids. He made some chinese food which I havent had in a long time so it was super good. Then we taught them about the priesthood and priesthood blessings. We gave blessings to Per and one of his kids. The other two were too scared haha. The spirit was strong and I was so glad to be there and teach Per and his kids. He was so thankful to receive a blessing because he is a single father and his kids are pretty rowdy. He is a great guy. 

Tuesday: We were able to teach Alex again and this time we taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is always an interesting lesson with him but it went really well. He is understanding more and more. It is really good practice for my Swedish too. 

Wednesday: Wednesday we helped a guy named Matts move out of his apartment and into another apartment 2 blocks away haha it was a lot of work for not moving that far. He lived on the 3rd floor the the building didnt have an elevator. Matts gave us missionaries all the super heavy furniture and dressers and stuff. It was a good workout. Afterwords we were able to talk to him a little about our church and give him our card with our number on it. We are going back this week to help him move into his other apartment. Then we had ward council which was good. Then we headed towards the Lund Elders apartment because we were going to go on splits. I stayed the night with Elder Linchenko. 

Thursday: Elder Linchenko and I worked in Lund on Thursday and taught a couple lessons to some of his investigators. Elder Linchenko is a greenie also and it was so cool to work with someone with the same experience level as me. We both arent the best at swedish so it wasnt super easy to talk with people on the street. We taught a man named Amaro and we read the book of mormon with him and discussed as we read. I really like doing that with people. It brings the spirit and they understand it better when you can explain what is going on. Then later that day we taught a man named Marco the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was super spiritual and I loved teaching with Elder Linchenko. Then that night we went to Institute class in Lund which was awesome. 

Friday: We taught one of our new investigators we contacted on the street named Emmanuel. He is African and from Nigeria. We taught him the Restoration and about the Book of Mormon. The spirit was so incredibly strong. I felt the spirit so strong as I bore my testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and of Joseph Smith. He said he would read the Book of Mormon and if he found it to be true, he would be baptized! He is a good guy and loves God! That night President Beckstrand came down to Malmö for the weekend because this weekend was stake conference. I had an interview with him and it went well. We had sports night after that and we had about 4 or 5 investigators come which was awesome!

Saturday: We played basketball with Su and then were able to teach him afterwords. We read the Book of Mormon with him and it went super well. He said he is going to be baptized, but when he feels ready. He is the best! Then we had the first session of stake conference and it went really well! then we had lunch and then had the second session which was also good! We sang Lead Kindly Light as missionaries. It was really good. Then the whole zone went to get Kebab pizza afterwords which was super fun. I love whenever I get to see the whole zone.

Sunday: Saturday night we had the Elders from Karlskrona stay with us and that was super fun. Elder Purkey was one of them and he was from my MTC group and it was super fun to spend time with him. Sunday morning we had choir practice and then Stake Conference. The Stake is all the wards in the southern part of Sweden. It was really really good (or at least from what I could understand). After that, we had lunch as a zone again. 

I had an another awesome week and I absolutely love being a missionary! Thank you for all your emails and prayers and thoughts! Let me know if you have questions you want me to answer or anything like that! I love you all!


Äldste Bailey

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  1. Love the pictures this from this week, especially the one where you lifesaving yourself on land. haha. Sounds like that week was really good. Cant wait to read more about your investigators and how it goes.