Monday, March 30, 2015

Day 83

Tjena alla!

This week was great! I dont have a lot of time so I will share a few experiences. Everything went well this week! We had a lot of awesome experiences and fun times. 

So update on Bill. He is doing so well! We met with him on tuesday for about 15-20 min. I was worried about him because I felt like he didnt understand why getting baptized was so important and why our church is different. I felt like he was just willing to be baptized because he loved God and just because he is super easy going. So we prayed before we went in and when we sat down with him and right off the bat, I asked him if he was reading the Book of Mormon and praying. He said he was. Then I asked him why he wanted to be baptized. He said that he wants to feel clean again and start off fresh. He wants guidance in his life and to start over. Then I asked if he feels he has received an answer that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and if this church really was true. He said "Yeah, I feel like I have." I was so happy in that moment that I couldnt stop smiling. Then on Sunday we planned to teach him the Word of Wisdom. We knew that he drank coffee every morning and I have never taught the Word of Wisdom before so I was pretty scared. I fasted that day and prayed that he would receive the commandment well and that I would be able to teach it well. So Bill showed up at church just like he said he would, but the gospel principles teacher didnt show up. So Elder Brinkworth taught that class so I asked Elder Krebs to help me teach Bill. A member named Johan (who is super cool and I am pretty close with.) also sat in on the lesson. It went really well! At first he was really surprised. But as we explained more and bore testimony of the blessings that come from the word of wisdom, he was totally committed to following it! Bill is so awesome and he is planning on being baptized on April 11. My testimony grew so much that day about fasting. I wouldve never thought Bill would give up his coffee. The fact that he is willing to give it up and pray to see if it is a commandment from God shows so much about the power of the Holy Ghost. I am so grateful for his influence in my life everyday in every descision I make. He is my constant companion and he helps me teach my investigators in a way that he can testify the truth the way they need to hear it and in the way they will recognize it. 

As Easter is coming up this week, I want to share some of my thoughts I have had this week. As I have been on my mission, I have come to appreciate this time of year so much more than I ever have before. I have come to love my Savior so much. I am so grateful for the sacrifices he made so that I can repent and become clean of my sins and that I can live with my family forever. I am out here on my mission to help all these people realize that there is real hope after this life, we all have someone to turn to in dark times who can lift us up and give us comfort and peace, we can become clean and feel clean again through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We are so blessed to have that knowledge. Imagine where each of us would be without it. We have this knowledge thanks to Jesus Christ and the sacrifice he made for us. I can not even begin to comprehend what Christ went through in The Garden of Gethsemane in order to be the one that really does know and understand what any of us are going through, at any time. I know that if in those difficult times we turn to our savior, he will be there, and he will understand. He suffered for you, and he suffered for me. I'm more grateful than I can express.

There is a new video that the church put out called, "Because He Lives". It is about Christ and Easter. It has become a large part of what we share with people. I encourage everyone to watch it. At the end it invites everyone to "Find Christ". I am on my mission to invite people to find Christ and I invite you all to do the same. (Here's the link: )

Have a great week everyone and a happy Easter! 

Äldste Bailey

For some reason the video quality isn't great on the blog, but if you click to enlarge, you can see it better.

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